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Seems the world is brimming over with anger these days. People are frustrated and lashing out in so many different directions. It’s hard to maintain a happy outlook with all that is being thrown in our direction. Ever noticed how contagious a bad mood can be? Even if you’ve been vaccinated it spreads like a sneeze in an allergy ward. People suffering from a bad mood are easily identifiable. Symptoms include a perpetually down turned mouth, protruding lower lip, varying degrees of Turrettes Syndrome-like behavior, loss of functional sense of humor, and generally wanker-like behavior. I’m just sayin. We all suffer from bad moods now and again, some of us more often then others. I’m not naming names here. You’ll recognize yourself if you’re out there.

Most of the time I’m a fairly happy human. Just in my general makeup I think. Over the years, when the situation has dictated it, I’ve been depressed or suffered through some sad moments, but for the most part I’m up and raring to go every morning I’m lucky enough to find myself here. This I consider a blessing, and one I am very thankful to have been given.

Getting mad here and there is a good vent. I’m not saying one should run about looking perpetually as though you just got a double shot of Demerol, but attitude really is important on managing life. Realistically sometimes life hands us loaded bombs of misery which no amount of smiling silliness is going to erase, but for the most part happy upbeat people are generally more pleasant to share an afternoon with. In my humble opinion again, as always.

Another thing I don’t have a lot of patience for is arguing. Fighting to me is energy draining, solves little, and generally leaves you with a less than satisfactory conclusion. If you think you are right and your opponent thinks they are right, most likely after expending all the energy to debate the issue the outcome will be you think you are right, and your opponent thinks they are right. Hmmmmm. What’s wrong with this picture? Debating a subject is a totally different chicken. Debating, actually, can be stimulating. Invoking you as a participant to address other points of view and be open to other ideologies or philosophies not your own. Airing differing opinions on a subject and looking at both sides can be fun. When it goes beyond healthy debate and blooms into full time aggression, however, I say it’s time to put a cork in or or take one out and get over it. Agree to disagree, or put it away. I had a counselor once who said, “ask yourself how important it is in the scheme of things in your life, to win the argument”. Are you listening to the person on the other side of the disagreement or waiting impatiently for them to finish a thought so you can interject what you want to say? She suggested you rate the importance on a scale between 1-10. If you’re at 10 take a walk, do some push ups, mow the lawn, and come back to it when you’re at a five or below. I liked that idea.

The counselor I referred to above was teaching at a communications seminar I attended in the late 70’s funded by my job. Ahhhhh, the age of enlightenment the 70’s. We were mixed into classes with strangers and taught skills to communicate our feelings in a more productive way both in our business and personal relationships. Some worked, some not so much. During the seminar they put us in pairs. After choosing a partner they asked us simply to say to one another, “yes” and “no”, with each participant taking one side. In the beginning we were to say the words calmly. For example, I would say “yes”, in a calm voice and my partner would answer with “no” in a like voice. As we moved forward each time we exchanged the words we were to accelerate the level of our voices getting louder with each time around. By the time we were yelling I found my pulse racing and that I was actually angry. A really interesting study on how you present what you are saying and at what level.

Odd really how alike we are all in basic makeup, yet how drastically different one personality is from the next. Although they say we all have a “twin”, I’ve never found mine. Overlooking that possibility we are left with the fact each of us are totally unique as beings. Taking all that into consideration it is amazing any relationship, not to mention marriage survives after the first hello. When asked what I believe is the magic combination for a lasting union I always answer compromise, love, and friendship. When the initial blush settles down to day to day living, friendship becomes really important, for me at least.

So, I shall continue on my way content to be more of a lover than a fighter and associating myself with those who feel the same.

This pie would make a pretty addition to a July Fourth table but like magic it will disappear quickly.

Berry Berry Pie

1 baked and cooled pie crust

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Place pie crust in pie pan and top with two layers of tin foil. Fill tin foil with loose dried beans. Bake on lower rack of oven for 25 mins. Remove foil and continue to bake about 5 mins. until bottom of shell is brown. Cool on wire rack.

Filling 1

1 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese softened
3/4 cup confectioners sugar
2 tsp. lemon zest
1 Tbsp. lemon juice

In small bowl beat ingredients until light and fluffy. Spread onto bottom of cooled pie shell. Keep refrigerated until you add filling 2.

Filling 2

3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 Tbsp. cornstarch
1/4 tsp. salt
1 cup water
1 3 oz. pkg. strawberry gelatin
1 Tbsp. butter
2 lbs. hulled strawberries, whole
1 cup blueberries

Mix sugar, lemon juice, cornstarch, salt, and water together in small saucepan. Bring to boil over med. heat stirring constantly until boiling. Continue stirring for 2 mins. until liquid is clear and slightly thickened. Add gelatin and mix until dissolved. Add butter. Pour over berries and toss to mix. Spoon into shell. Cool at least 4 hrs. before serving.

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