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Today I woke up with new hope in my heart. Can’t explain it. According to the news we are going into a rough two or three weeks.  This, as if the past couple have been a walk in the park. To honor my hopeful mood I decided to dust off my makeup, slap some on my face and establish a modicum of normal is this extremely abnormal experience we are all going through. The cat, after seeing me looking my best, handed me a thank you note on her way to take her morning siesta. As a footnote she suggested I take several walks during the day to give her time to collect her thoughts.

Foot traffic on my street has greatly increased of late. People are beginning to feel the need for fresh air I would imagine after being confined for a while. Reminds me of the old days when neighborhoods were busy social meccas. Seems today a lot of people have no idea who their neighbors are nor much interest in finding out. Back in the day, women talked over fences while clipping clothes on the line and men worked under cars or tinkered in their garages. Summer weekends neighborhood kids gathered at houses with pools to play Marco Polo or to shoot a game of horse at the basketball hoops at the elementary school. Industrious teens earned extra money mowing people’s lawns, babysitting or doing paper routes. Later in the day adults broke out the charcoal and “Kiss the Cook” aprons, put some Nat King Cole or Herb Alpert on the turntable and threw some steaks on the fire. Two martinis were not an unusual order for lunch meetings in those days. Packs of Camels non-filtered and Lucky Strikes sat on tables next to ashtrays provided by establishments for customer’s use. Such a different time and place.  People had far less information at hand and lived in blissful ignorance. Today information is at our fingertips twenty four hours a day and sometimes I wonder if we couldn’t use a few less second to second updates to give our minds time to breathe in between bursts. Those were simpler times in many ways, with far less rules to follow.

Something I have noticed since this damnable virus took over our world is that common courtesy seems to have come back in fashion. People are waving as they pass one another walking on the street. When in a store even though giving each other a wide berth, shoppers seem generally polite or to be acknowledging one another.

Perhaps this is by way of a wake up call for us. Truth is we are all in this together, bug or no bug. Perhaps whoever created our planet isn’t happy with how we have managed ourselves? Our world is after all only on loan to us while we are here, leaving us responsible to conserve it’s bounty for the generation to follow. No matter what religion or ethnicity we claim, in the end if we do not work together to do our best to maintain the magnificent creatures and glorious trees and flowers entrusted in our care we will all have lost the game by default. Slowly but surely our rain forests are dwindling, and our factories and cars continue to spew out toxic emissions that threaten to destroy our atmosphere. Man’s selfish nature will most likely be his undoing far before disease will take him down.

For me, I am trying to check on at least one friend or loved one every day. My phone rings often of late. People are checking in on me as well, some I haven’t heard from in ages. Wouldn’t it be great if we maintained these connections once the dust has died down and life, hopefully, has returned to whatever the new normal is to be? When we are able to move about freely again I know I will find a hug from my little ones far sweeter, and time spent with my loved ones and friends just that much more precious.

Maybe we should lean over the fence and explore who lives across the lawn from us rather than running in and out out of the front door without bothering to cast a glance in their direction? When was the last time you heard anyone say “run next door and borrow a cup of sugar”? We segregate ourselves with our devices and rapid fire lifestyles missing out often on what is right before our eyes. How many times have I passed a child trying to get a parents attention with the parent fixated on the screen in front of them? Life is short, children grown up quickly and those moments cannot be recaptured.

So, I shall take this time to reflect on how I live my life, because that is the only one I can control. Each day is another opportunity to get it right I believe. You can always start with right now to change a way of being. A friend of mine and I have been doing Qigong and Tai Chi exercises together on Skype. Really enjoying it. For months we have talked about it but have never done it. The movements in the tapes help to strengthen your body and enhance your flexibility. Must say though I fight exercise I find this type of slow movement and release of energy leaves me feeling refreshed and my mind cleared.

Hope we see the light at the end of this tunnel soon. My thoughts are with the people on the front lines of this pandemic who are fighting an unseen enemy with insufficient tools. They are the heroes in this story and most likely hold the key to how the ending will turn out.

Stay safe.



























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